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East Valley Women



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virtual meeting - No charge to attend

8:00am to 9:00a

mwednesday, november 18

Every other month our members and guests enjoy connecting and having breakfast at a different location in the East Valley where ties are forged to create a deep and long lasting community of mutual support.

Members have the common desire to exchange ideas, strengthen friendships, strengthen community, and enhance the true “Spirit of the East Valley.”

"We are women who work, live or play in the East Valley and share a pride in the uniqueness of our community."

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East Valley Women



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East Valley Women'S Meeting


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Our members are women from all walks of life, business and professional leaders, those beginning their professional careers, community leaders, women in government or education and those who have retired to connect overbreakfast to create a deep and long lasting community of mutual support.

JoAnn Holland

Founder & CEO

East Valley Women

Our monthly sponsors celebrate the uniqueness of the East Valley, community involvement and support our organization to enhance business, social and community endeavors.